(SUPERCON) (대전 방지 코팅제)
Markets ESD Packages for Electronics and Components, Smart Phone/OLED, LCD TV, Aerospace and Defense, Food Container Box, Danpla Box
Material Details Conducting Coating Solutions based on conducting polymers
Key Properties - Excellent high transparency and lightness.
- Conductivity Rang : 104~109Ω/ sq.
- Wide Coating Applications: Gravure, Comma, Slot-Die., Spray
- Thermal or UV Curing types on request.
- Aqueous / alcohol or organic solvents with binders.
- Non –carbon , Non –Halogen , Non –heavy metals.
Applications - ESD/ Anti-Static plastic Sheet and films (Supercon-CP)
- ESD/ Anti- Static Tapes (Supercon-CP)
- ESD/ Anti-Static Metal, glass coating (Supercon-ST)
- Electronics Packaging Article
- Electronics, semiconductor clean room related products.
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